Private Label Leather Goods Manufacturing

We are a trusted leather products manufacturer and supplier crafting a wide range of handmade leather products and accessories. We provide scalable contract manufacturing of private labels and custom leather goods to quality-centric brands around the world. Whether you are looking to launch your own handbags brand or wish to add to your existing wallets product line, our skilled craftsmen and facilities bring your vision to life. With our focus on attention-to-detail, superior materials, and a commitment to sustainability, we are your trusted partner in delivering premium leather goods as unique as your brand. We are delighted to get you started on your next traditional or eco-leather goods project.


Top Quality Materials and Components
Wide range of high selection of full-grain and drum-dyed cow, steer, and buffalo leather from top tanners and curriers around the world.
Skills and Experience
Our skilled and experienced craftsmen are hungry for challenging projects and are willing to take on a project of any size or complexity.
Custom Designing and Manufacturing
We have the trusted expertise and experience to deliver your project cost efficiently and to your exact specifications.
Rigorous Quality Control
Our tiered quality control system ensures process integrity and product conformance with product specifications at three distinct levels.


Great Manufacturing Partner

Our wallets are manufactured to our standards and with great attention to detail so rarely found elsewhere. The quality of the leather is second to none and the choices are plenty.

We wholeheartedly endorse GNN International as one of the best premium wallets manufacturers overseas.  



Perfect Quality, Service, and Delivery!

The craftsmanship of our handbags and purses is always amazing, the customer service always great and the turnaround is spot on. We are absolutely thrilled to have GNN as our top-notch leather goods suppliers – the high quality bags are delivered with unmistakable consistency order-after-order.
So, we definitely recommend them as a reliable leather handbags manufacturers for your brand and your need for other accessories, for that matter.


United Kingdom

Easy and Effective Communication

In my opinion communication is the most challenging aspect of working with an overseas manufacturer but with GNN, their office here in Colorado made our sourcing experience much easier and efficient. We get best of the both worlds – competitive overseas leather goods manufacturing services with easy and effective communication right here at home.


United States

Competent and Talented Prototyping Team

As a handbags manufacturer, I am very pleased with the performance of GNN and their prototyping team. They are competent, talented, and versatile and all this matters to us as it helps us introduce our newer handbags and clutches designs quickly and maintain our competitive edge in the market.




Looking for a dependable partner for your private label leather goods? Whether you’re in search of a trusted manufacturer of leather wallets or a top-notch handbag manufacturer, we’ve got you covered. With our skills and experience as luxury leather manufacturers, we can bring your brand’s vision to life through our customized solutions. As a leading and innovative leather goods supplier in India and USA, we’re here to assist you with your custom projects. Count on us as your go-to supplier of leather products as we make every effort to ensure we meet your specifications with precision and deliver your products on time and within budget.

Our extensive background as supplier of leather goods means a diverse array of high-quality products and accessories for you. From men’s and women’s wallets to premium handbags and tote bags, we offer it all. Explore our collection of travel essentials, including authentic leather duffel bags, weekender bags, backpacks, and sling bags. For professionals, we create exquisite laptop bags and messenger bags. Since we are a dedicated small leather goods manufacturer, we also produce an assortment of personalized accessories and other fine items. Experience the finest in craftsmanship with us – your ultimate supplier.

Our modern factory employs a team of seasoned designers with a wealth of knowledge in crafting an extensive array of luxury leather goods. We will closely work with you to bring your concept designs to life while seamlessly blending creativity, and functionality. With a commitment to reflect your brand’s personality, our design and prototyping experts are looking forward to craft fashion products that are perfectly aligned with your vision.

Our leather production is philosophy is rooted in our two fundamental principles – function and style. Once we have narrowed down the design aspect of your project to match your exacting specifications, our talented prototyping team get to work to shape this draft into a practical yet chic iteration of your idea true to its unique character. As an innovative bespoke leather products manufacturer, we have proven experience and skills in the industry to ensure the hassle-free delivery of your private label leather products project.

To top it all, unlike most other overseas producers, we have our own base in Colorado in the USA, which allows us to help you with top-class and responsive customer support. That way, you get the best of both worlds for your supply chain – competitive global sourcing without the associated headaches. Learn more about Our Story or tell us about your next project.

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