Using the right thickness of leather is critical for any leather goods project. Here is a Leather Thickness Conversion Chart for your quick reference.
MillimetersOuncesPointDecimal Inches
0.30 mm¾ oz12 point.012 inches
0.35 mm7/8 oz14 point.014 inches
0.40 mm1 oz16 point.016 inches
0.5 mm1¼ oz20 point.020 inches
0.6 mm1½ oz24 point.024 inches
0.8 mm2 oz32 point.032 inches
1.0 mm2½ oz40 point.040 inches
1.2 mm3 oz48 point.048 inches
1.4 mm3½ oz56 point.056 inches
1.5 mm3¾ oz60 point.060 inches
1.6 mm4 oz64 point.064 inches
1.8 mm4½ oz72 point.072 inches
2.0 mm5 oz80 point.080 inches