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Leather Duffle Bag: Style & Function

March 26, 2023by Dhiren Nautiyal


This article discusses why style and function in a leather duffle bag matter.

A well-designed leather duffle bag is a versatile and stylish piece of luggage that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is perfect for travel or take it to the gym, work, or school. You’re never too dressed up or down with a leather duffle bag, really!

Leather duffle bags are typically made from high-quality cow or water buffalo leather. Both of these leather options are extremely durable and long-lasting. The leather can be finished in any number of finishes ranging from smooth or pebbled finished to rugged and well-used leather finishes. These leathers are tanned and finished to be water-resistant, making them ideal for travel in any weather condition. Contrary to the myth, a well finished and oiled or waxed leather can resist water very effectively, keeping the contents of the duffle bag safe from elemental weather. The interior of a leather duffle bag is typically lined with a soft fabric (polyester, Poly-drill, twill, or heavy cotton) and has zippered or open storage compartments and pockets for organizing items.

Of course, a leather duffle bag, regardless of its long list of features, won’t do unless it is designed thoughtfully and beautifully. We all appreciate and wish to carry a beautifully designed piece of luggage. And what better choice of material than an expertly and nicely finished full-grain cow or buffalo leather? The elegance and beauty of natural leather makes it a timeless choice. It conveys your personal sense of style effortlessly and effectively. A well designed and crafted leather duffle bag is classy enough to be traditionally chic and grounded enough to be a daily-use piece of luggage. In any case, you will be never too dressed up or down for any occasion. Not many materials can boast of such versatility.

Why Duffle Bag Style Matters

There are many ways style of a leather duffle bag is important. To begin with, the style of any product we use helps us express who we are. The stylish leather products allow us to make a statement about not only who we are but also who we want to be. People tend to see the style of the products they use as an extension of their self-image. When we see someone choosing to use a well-designed and stylish duffle bag made from high-quality leather, we perceive that person to be someone who appreciates quality and style and has a better sense of personal style. Also, the style of a leather duffle bag can affect how the user of the bag feels about themselves. If one chooses a duffle bag that they love and that makes them feel confident and well put together, then surely, they’re more likely to enjoy their travels or their daily commute. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the importance of style in reflecting the personalities and self-perceptions of their users.

Function of a Leather Duffle Bag

Now, on the flip side, a beautifully designed and stylish bag is no good if it is not functional. So, the functionality of a duffle bag is just as important. After all, what is the point of an elegant bag if it doesn’t serve its intended purpose? Of course, we want to make sure that the luggage bag not only holds our belongings properly but is comfortable to use and easy to carry. We have to be aware of a few things when choosing a leather duffle bag for travel or commute. First, we need to think about what the need i.e., what will be the bag used for? If the intention is to buy a travel luggage bag, then we must focus on the capacity of the luggage bag. We will have to consider how big the duffle bag needs to be so that it holds appropriate amount of clothing and other personal items based on length of the travel days. The typical size of a travel duffle bag is 21″ or slightly larger for it to be used as a carry-on bag on the planes. However, if we need a duffle bag for just for commuting or to be used as a gym bag, then obviously, we can get away with a smaller size bag – say, an 18″ leather duffle bag.

Now that we’ve decided on the appropriate capacity of the duffle bag, the next thing to consider is the material of the duffle bag. Undoubtedly, if the focus is on durability and style, then a well-made leather duffle bag is the way to go. If economy is of concern, then of course, a cheaper bag made of natural Canvas or man-made synthetic materials such as PU Leather or Vegan Leather will do the job. The compromise will be less durability and less-than-premium looks, obviously.

After considering the style, function, size, and material of the luggage bag, we finally come to evaluating the comfort of the bag. The design and style play a pivotal role in determining the comfort of a luggage bag. A well-designed leather product will take into consideration how a user will be using the travel bag or a leather messenger bag and for how long. And therefore, comfort in handling a leather travel bag for longer period of time becomes very crucial. It is important that the shoulder straps are properly padded in the appropriate areas. The high-quality metal fittings and hardware are used and are strategically placed so to ensure ease of use.


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by Dhiren Nautiyal

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